External Funding TITLE I

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External Funding TITLE I

The External Funding Title I Department provides guidance, training, and support to central-office and school-based personnel in the implementation of activities under the federal Title I, Part A grant (Improving Basic Programs for Economically Disadvantaged Students), the Title II, Part A grant. All department efforts ensure that support is provided for schools and students with the greatest need and that the school district remains in compliance with fiscal and programmatic regulations.

Southwest Public Schools
External Funding Department
3333 Bering Drive
Houston, Texas 77057

Kris Page

Kris Page
Director of Outreach & Community Engagement
Phone: 713-784-6345 ext. 235

My mission and goal are to promote a safe and accessible way of improving relationships between students, parents, the community, and local organizations while increasing the number of opportunities for involvement in the educational process; to provide information on services available to eligible students and families; convey information regarding school and/or district activities and procedures; and refer families to other agencies. My focus is to develop and implement outreach activities, campaigns, and strategies to cultivate community awareness and build relationships with students, parents, and the community of Southwest Public Schools. I ensure that ideas evolve into action through community engagement and research to align with district policy.